The source
of confidence


As a data and insights company for nearly a century, Nielsen is known for Nielsen Ratings, a part of their Nielsen Media arm. Now, in spinning off the other side of their business (Nielsen Global Connect) they’re taking the opportunity to create a brand that tells a clearer story of what’s offered: consumer purchasing data, all delivered through a digital-first platform. Our challenge was to create a distinct brand for this new entity that nodded to the historic roots of Nielsen with a new focus on consumer intelligence.

Inspired by the words of the founder A.C. Nielsen: “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” we created a new visual identity that embraces the unambiguous commitment to truth. The visual system highlights key insights and datapoints with high contrast colors, focusing viewers attention on what matters most. The identity empowers customers to make confident decisions by presenting content with certainty.

We use an abstracted monogram whose vibrant Flash Green and sharp angles convey the urgency and energy of NielsenIQ’s work. It’s balanced by the stability of the wordmark, with extended letterforms that help it stand as a foundation.

The identity explores the concept of truth through photography and graphics with high contrast light and shadow throughout. We also created a detailed system applying the identity to data visualizations, crucial for this intelligence-first brand. As well as playing a role on the Interbrand design team, I was responsible for all of the motion deliverables on the project.

Created with Interbrand NY. Team including: Chris Campbell, Daniel Irizarry, Alexandra Gövert, Tut Pinto, Daniel Wegmann, Jesse Ragan, Daniella Giavina-Bianchi, Jeffrey Guberman, David Weinberg, Alexa Ebner, Lindsey Maino, Bodeline Dautruche, Penelope Davis, Katherine Pissaro-Grant, Frederico Phillips, Miguel Rivera, Robert Rosenberg