The Interactive Case Library

Before the BCG brand identity took shape we were asked to create a promo for the Interactive Case Library microsite (which we later redesigned). The ICL is an online simulation of the job interview experience at BCG. Applicants can practice their approach to strategic business problems ahead of time using a number a real case studies. Our challenge was to create a promo video to encourage people to use the tool. While I initially worked with another designer at the concept phase, I ultimately ended up designing, illustrating, and animating the entire final piece. This short project lead the way for future motion projects with the client, click here to see them in the BCG case study.



We originally developed 3 concepts for the project. The client chose to proceed with the first, illustration led approach with a slightly modified color palette.

Created while at Carbone Smolan Agency. Team Including: Paul Pierson, Andrew Miller, and Dave Decepida.