And/Or Studio were asked to create the launch campaign for Amazon Prime’s entry into stand-up comedy. I helped art direct the promo materials for the first wave of comedy specials. We developed the visual direction and messaging for use across trailers, social spots, and key art. The approach needed to be distinctive but adaptable for use promoting future specials. We assigned a color for each comedian, and used hand drawn type with (joke related) spot illustrations to cut through the typical sea of streaming box art. So when the user sees the growing collection of stand-up specials, they’re presented with a fresh palette of colors and comedy to choose from.

Created while at And/Or Studio. Team including: Kelli Miller, Kendra Eash, Diana Mandelare-Au, Zack Tupper, Jesse Mendelson, Matt Hixon, Larisa Martin, Diksha Watwani, Stephanie Swart, Crosby Ignasher, Jamie Givens, and You Too Can Woo.