Every year AIGA puts on the best design conference in the US. They gather a diverse assortment of speakers, host inspirational workshops and meet ups, to provide a platform for inspiration for attendees. A monumental amount of effort goes into producing those 3 days and AIGA asked me how they could better share the conference experience using video. I outlined a documentarian approach that was tailored to their specific needs and budget. This framework and content was designed to be reused at future events, ultimatley building a library of content for future use. For this first year, I captured footage from both their 2017 Design Conference and their inaugural Eye On Design Conference. The first products created were the two ninety second promos you can see below. The hours of footage will also be utilized in future marketing efforts in the years to come.

Below you can also see a short graphic promo I created for use on social media in the run up to the design conference. This promo was created prior to our shoot and before the brand identity for the conference had been unveiled. So we we used fast paced rhythmic typography to hold viewers attention and convey the ideas now captured in our live action content.